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The crew at Stirling Sports have teamed up with ASICS to take on the Christchurch City2Surf 2020!

Coming from all running levels and abilities, we've been fitted with the perfect ASICS running shoes for our 4 week training plan in the lead up to the epic event. We'll be solo training as well as tackling runs as a team by linking up with some epic people and clubs around the Garden City. Over the next month we will bring you that motivating music you need for your run, those hot running tracks and routes, and tips & tricks with local legends to help you on your way to whatever run you’ve got your feet set on!

Asics Running

Asics Running

First up, we went along to the HIIT SQUAD to take part in their Wednesday Run Club. The HIIT SQUAD (@_the_hiit_squad) is run by Christchurch born and raised Matt Bateman. He encourages people to move their bodies more and have a smile on their face while doing it, 'Building Better Humans'. We caught up with him after our 40minute run to ask him about his training and tips for running...

Asics Running

How long have you been running/a runner for?
I hadn’t been a runner until about a year ago! I had several sporting injuries a few years back and I wasn’t confident in running as I was so scared of having these injuries come back to haunt me. Last January on an epic summers day I went for a jog, which turned into a 10km run. That was the furthest I had run in years and I couldn’t really believe it. It really ignited a fire inside me and made me realise how epic you feel after a run.... the endorphins are pumped and it’s so good to clear the mind. I then competed in several half marathons from May to December.

What has been your favourite run you’ve competed in?
Favourite running event would definitely be the Coast to Coast, I did it this year and absolutely loved it. When driving over to the coast we went down the Arthur’s Pass viaduct and laughed about how steep it was, only to find out the next day I would be running back up it due to very bad weather and high rivers.

How does running fit in with your current training schedule?
Current running schedule is usually 1-2 runs per week. I try to do one big run (anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours) that could be a mix of hills or flat and cover anywhere from 10-25kms, and one interval session in the park. I also do a lot of HIIT training and it’s very transferable to running — in fact, it makes running feel easy as you can find your rhythm and charge on.

Favourite ASICS running shoe?
Favourite shoe is the Gel-Sonoma 5, they are still really lightweight for a trail shoe and are super comfy.

Top tips & tricks for training?

1. Run at your own pace, not someone else’s. You will enjoy it a lot more as it will only give you a good experience.

2. Music is a must when I train or do an event. Dependant on time I will make a playlist to suit... For example, before a half marathon I would make a playlist anywhere from 1:40-2:00 hours, starting with tunes that give me good vibes and then building up to absolute bangers so when I’m coming to finish I am on fire.

3. Mindset is everything, a lot of us tell ourselves we don’t like running or we can’t run. We can do it and we can do it well. I always remember this quote “You must do the thing, the thing you think you cannot do.”

Favourite 5 running songs at the moment?

1. Power Over Me — Dermot Kennedy
2. Brother (Triple J version) — Thundamentals
3. Strangers — Vigiland
4. What I Like About You — Jonas Blue
5. Losing It — Fisher

Stay tuned for next week's running update!

Asics Running


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