The Swoosh that has taken over the world. It needs no introduction. For decades, Nike has represented the epitome of trendy, effortless, and athletic aesthetic. Their popular slogan "Just Do It" has motivated people around the world, from professionals to streetwear enthusiasts. From the court to the gym to the studio, Nike's range of clothing, footwear, and accessories have you sorted. 

Stirling Sports is one of Nike's biggest stockists in New Zealand. Shop our range of Nike women's, men's, and kid's products online now.  


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Nike and sport go hand-in-hand, so much so that it’s difficult to think of a world now without them now. Throughout their time, Nike have become famous for creating some of the greatest ad campaigns of all time, pushing people to be better versions of themselves and challenging issues we face in society. They’ve also teamed up with the biggest names in sport as athletes and teams have worn that swoosh in some of the most memorable moments throughout sporting history. Nike are so much more than just a sports brand.  

Nike are known for their innovative designs that enhance performance. Over the years they have created countless new technologies which enable people to perform at their optimum for longer, giving them greater comfort and range of movement to compete. Nike create an extensive range of men’s, women’s and kids clothing, footwear and accessories to suit every possible need.  

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