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2XU Compression Perf Run Sock - White/Blue - Men's



Product Details

2XU Compression Perf Run Sock - White/Blue - Men's, the lightest, most breathable compression sock in the market featuring zoned breathability panels for maximum airflow and comfort. 


  • Running
  • Endurance Activities
  • Workout Sessions
  • Competitions and Racing
  • General Sporting Activities


  • Post workout or competition
  • Extended periods in a static or sedentary position – standing or sitting
  • Sleeping
  • Rehab from injury or surgery
  • DVT Protection When Traveling
  • Powerful yet super lightweight.
  • Proprietary knit structure with highly breathable panels for increased airflow and moisture management.
  • Graduated compression to promote increased circulation during activity and recovery through proprietary Compression Fit Technology and knit structure.

 Buy your 2XU compression gear from Stirling Sports, with delivery to your door.

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