NBA Nike jerseys leaked from NBA 2K18

NBA Jerseys

With this season being the first one for all NBA teams to sport the new Nike jerseys, fans have been looking forward to seeing all of the four uniform versions since the announcement was made. But now, a preview has been released from the developers of NBA 2K18 that accidentally gives everyone a glimpse of what the players will be wearing soon.

Each team is expected to debut them this coming season on predetermined games. It could be for special nights when they celebrate an event or a special occasion in their franchise’s history, but they could also be seen more often depending on how much their fans like them.

It is more likely that the fans will patronize the uniforms. Each one was designed to give teams a more modern look, and with some having their logos at the middle of the jersey instead of the city or team’s name. The NBA has been making strides to cater to the younger fans, and it also shows the creativity of the designing teams, helping the sport grow even more.


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NBA Jerseys



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