Meet Galilee & Sequoia Lambert - Auckland.

Galilee & Sequoia Lambert

Meet Galilee & Sequoia Lambert - Auckland.

What do you like doing?

Galilee: We live in Kaikohei, it’s such a small town. You walk out, know someone...well you know everyone. You wave and say hi. It’s really cool. Everyone knows everyone.

Sequoia: You say hi to literally everyone.


How would you describe your personalities? Are you similar, or quite different?

Sequoia:  Well, Galilee’s like really extroverted and outgoing. When it comes to meeting people she’s really confident and really easy to talk to. I’m really shy, introverted. Once I get comfortable, I’m all good.


How would you describe your style?

Sequoia: My style is chill, real chill. Sweatpants, a hoodie and scuffs. That’s me.

Galilee: For me, fashion is what makes me feel confident. My personal style is kind of tomboy, kind of girly and edgy.


What does your kiwi summer look like?

Galilee: Summer to me is about family, road trips and going to the beach.

Sequoia: For me it’s getting together with family, swimming at the beach and picnics.


What does home mean to you?

Galilee: Home for me is something I can come back to. If I’ve had a rough day at work and I just want to lay back and talk to someone, I’ve got my family. It’s always good to go home.

Sequoia: I’d say, for me, home is where my family is. That’s where you feel real, genuine love. There’s nothing like it.


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