Meet Odila Nthogwisiga - Auckland.

Odila Nthogwisiga

Meet Odila Nthogwisiga - Auckland.


How would you describe your style?

I like the 60s era, high-waisted pants. I like bold, bright colours. I mostly wear bright colours for my skin tone.


What does creativity mean to you?

For me, creativity is about looking at art and observing the creation of others. I express myself personally through my hair. I’m African, we have so many styles with hair.


Tell us about your hometown.

I honestly don’t remember much of what it was like to be born in Tanzania. I only have flashbacks. I live here in New Zealand now. I like New Zealand because it’s a pretty diverse place. It’s a nice place to live. There’s a lot of emphasis on helping the community.


How do you stay connected to your heritage?

I stay connected to my heritage through my hair - lots of african styles. I wear a lot of African clothing. I listen to a lot of my cultural music.


What comes to mind when you think of a kiwi summer?

New Zealand is one of the nicest places ever in the summer. I think of waterfalls, swimming at the beach, fish and chips.


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