Meet Jasmine - Middlemarch.

Jasmine - Our Heritage

Meet Jasmine - Middlemarch.


Tell us about your hometown...

I love it. Everyone is real friendly and encouraging and it’s real good for sports. It’s pretty farm-y. I’ve been at the station for a couple of years and I love it aye, working with animals everyday, being outside, just physical work.


What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Oh usually just go for rides on horses on the farm, we always have a good laugh. There’s a real good crew with Eastern Hunt Club, so there’s quite a few girls and guys all the same age and stuff so we all go riding together. Normally I just socialise with friends, but sports is my kind of fun as well. I do a bit of diving, hunting and fishing. You can go Bluff but usually I go down to Slope point. I really want to get into spearfishing, I might do like a freediving course. We’ve got hunting on our farm, but usually I go to other ones because it’s better.


So you obviously enjoy a challenge?

Yeah like I love a challenge, especially when someone thinks that you can’t do something. I’ve just started barrel racing at the rodeos and there’s bull riding and bronx and stuff. I wanna have a go at that. All the older guys at dog trailing are really encouraging and stuff. Most of them are pretty good. The young guys I know will just ask me to “grab the other side of this” or “pick this up” - they don’t assume anything. Most people who know me know I like to do “boy activities”. It’s nice to do girl things and stuff but it’s nice to surprise people.


What gets you up in the morning?

Well I love my job so that’s real easy. If you love your job then it’s easy to get up I reckon. But I’m always pretty positive about things, and I love a challenge. Everyone’s like “you’re always doing something, I wish I could be as like, as busy as you” and I was like “you can be, you’ve just gotta be real positive and go do it if you wanna do it I reckon."


Who do you look up to?

One of the people I look up to is Pip Wilson, she’s like my second-mum. She grew up on her parents farm but worked really hard and bought a farm for herself, managed to sell that one and buy another farm. She’s now got a Perendale stud and everything, it’s cool to see that she’s done it without anybody’s help, and doing  just as well as the guys. That’s cool I reckon.


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