Each of these people have been told that their potential has limitations, because of who they are.
Don’t let the haters win. Prove them wrong.

Too different. Too young. Too gay. Too old. Too girly. Too crippled. Too brown. Too big. Too weak. Too weird. Too short. Too feminine. Too opinionated. Too shy. Too random. Too pretty. Too sensitive. 
They said I wasn’t good enough. They said I didn’t belong here. They said I would never amount to anything. They said I’d never make it.

But I will. 
Because I am 
Talented. Accomplished. Strong. Brave. Unqiue. Powerful. Female. Fearless. Interesting. Proud. Creative. Deep. Weird. Smart. Different. 
The best revenge is your own success. 
Don’t let their words define you.

Write your own rulebook.

Prove them wrong.


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