Nike Air Max Month with CRACKED INK

To mark the kick off of Nike Air Max Month, we've teamed up with Whanganui street artist Cracked Ink - @crackedink - to create a live collaborative art work based around "What does Nike mean to you?"

Originally from the UK, Cracked Ink has been part of the NZ street art scene ever since he made the move down under 15 years ago. Cracked Ink's quirky, character based art is bold and eye catching, making it a perfect fit for Nike Air Max Month.

We caught up with Cracked Ink prior to the event to get to know a little more about his art, and what Nike means to him...

What were your first pair of Nikes?
My first pair of Nike's were the Nike Wimbledon.

Do you have any special memories around those Nikes?
I loved these kicks, they were my favourite. When I moved to New Zealand I put them into storage at my parents, I went back to the UK for a visit a few years later to  find out my mum had thrown them away, was not happy at all haha.

Cracked Ink Nike Wimbledon

What does Nike mean to you?
Nike to me is an early memory, 80s moves, streetwear, to me they have always been at the forefront of producing some amazing kicks.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your characters in your art?
I draw inspiration from just watching people wherever I go. Sometimes it can be a word, a mannerism or they way they move, something happy, something sad, whatever it may be it seems to translate into these quirky little characters.

Cracked Ink

How did you get into street art?
I got into street art whilst studying my degree in graphics in the UK. I was in my second year, a guy came onto my course, he was into graffiti, we became good mates and we started going out and painting together. For me it was way more about developing these characters than letters, so our work complemented each other well.

Favourite city you've created street art in and why?
Favourite city is tough, so many. I love Amsterdam, great culture, music, the whole vibe. But if I was to say favourite place I would say Churchill, Canada. It's definitely the craziest place I've painted, drops to -60 in winter about 120 miles from the Arctic.

How did the name Cracked Ink come about?
The name 'Cracked Ink' came from when I first moved to New Zealand about 15 years ago. The characters at the time looked super disfunctional and fragmented so thats where the 'Cracked' bit came from, and my work always start with a sketchbook and pen, hence the 'Ink'.

Cracked Ink

Cracked Ink

Cracked Ink will be in store at Stirling Sports Cuba Mall, Wellington on Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd March, creating our Nike Air Max artwork live in store. Your contribution can be made in store on the day, or via our Instagram @stirlingsportsofficial.

95 numbered and signed Limited Edition prints will be created from the finished artwork, which customers will be able to win in the lead up to Nike Air Max Day on 26th March. Keep an eye out on our Instagram to see how you can get your hands on one of these epic prints.


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