5 Minutes with My Wife and Kicks

Hi my name is Adrian Daniel and I am a sneaker collector, sneakerhead, connosiuer or however else you would term it. To normal people it simply means I could wear a different pair of shoes for several weeks or maybe months whose counting? It seems bizarre to most people and a lot of my friends, they have given up asking if it’s a new pair I’m wearing because most of the time I have had them for a year plus but they look brand new. I am meticulous about how I store, stacked in their boxes, according to model and sometimes even to year of release. I guess a more accurate term may be sneaker geek.

So that’s what I do in my spare time with the rest of the time I have a couple of super cute kids, Ezekiel (ZMax) four and Sienna who just turned one. For work I oversee the Youth and Kids programs at the North campus of my Church Elim Christian Centre, its great because I get to make an impact on peoples lives and do it wearing sneakers everyday.
I have always had a fascination with fashion from a young age and enjoyed collecting things. As far as sneakers go I have been collecting for nearly 5 years. I sort of stumbled into sneaker collecting while searching for pictures of a pair of Supra skate shoes I was buying. I found them on the cover of an Australian magazine called Sneaker Freaker of which I bought a copy. I think what captured me was the stories, design and details that make up each pair of shoes. Through my time collecting I have owned a wide variety from Nike Skateboarding to Lebron and Jordan basketball shoes to Nike Air Max but currently the vast majority of my collection are New Balance and in particular the 1300 model.
My Wife and Kicks
The 1300 model was released in 1985 which is my favouite design era for classic running sneakers and for me the 1300 encapsulates everything great about New Balance. The design is so simple , the shape is perfect and its still handmade in the USA.
I am often asked where the name My Wife and Kicks came from. Its simple really, once I started collecting I started taking photos too, my wife had a DSLR which she had received as a present and I decided to pick it up and figure out how to use it. Logically with photos I needed somewhere to post them so I decided to start a blog, I had no idea what to call it, after throwing around a few ideas the TV show My Wife and Kids was playing at the time and so I changed kids to kicks and the name was born. I have thought about changing it several times but it has stuck.
One of the best things about collecting sneakers is meeting people from around New Zealand and the world. We have a growing sneaker community here in NZ with more and more events happening annually. The hype around some releases has been crazy with camping out for certain releases being common place now, something we hardly saw several years ago. Personally I think the market is saturated with releases at the moment especially on the collaboration front. Sneakers are very much on trend currently which has meant a massive increase in demand so will be interesting to see how things change in the future.
I don’t remember, probably because I don’t want to, I had no idea what I was doing and would probably cringe if I saw the photo now. It would have probably have been a pair of Supra Skytops I bought which I mentioned above or some of the Nike Dunk skateboarding sneakers I started collecting. Amazing what some practice and YouTube can do, maybe a bit of talent helps too.
I am a massive fan of Scandinavian design and minimal fashion, I prefer to stick to more of a classic look than current trend. Norse Projects is one of my favourite brands and I think they do a great job balancing menswear and streetwear, which appeals to me. I also draw inspiration from Japanese street style the way they pair selvedge denim with classic runners runners especially New Balance is a style I am drawn to. There have been countless Japanese exculsive New Balance releases which is a testament to their love for the brand, one of the most popular models in Japan is the 1300 which happens to be my favourite.
I myself have never camped for a pair but think it would probably be fun to do once, although I don’t do well without sleep. Living up in Whangarei we don’t get any of the releases that I am after so no need to camp, unfortunately a lot of the pairs I am after don’t end up releasing in New Zealand and so I need to source them other ways.
I wouldn’t say I have a particular moto more like some wise advice.
When it comes to sneakers and fashion buy what you like and be true to your style. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and define your own style.
In life treat others how you want to be treated. Life is about people not things, joy in life comes from the moments you share with others not from stuff you have.
She appreciates a good pair of sneakers and has been fortunate enough to receive a few pairs over the years and has a small collection brewing but definitely not a sneaker head. I remember the first time I bought some New Balance she said that if I bought them she would not be seen in public with me, good news is we are still married and she now has quite a few pairs of NBs herself.
My Wife and Kicks
My Wife and Kicks
My Wife and Kicks
My Wife and Kicks
My Wife and Kicks
My Wife and Kicks
My Wife and Kicks


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